Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Bach discovered 38 flower remedies, each intended for a unique emotional state. 

Here are the descriptions of the 38 remedies to explore.

Agrimony Inner torment masked by a cheerful face

Aspen Unknown fears and anxieties

Beech Critical and intolerant of others

Centaury Difficulty saying no, people-pleasing

Cerato Lack of trust in one's own judgement

Cherry Plum Fear of losing control.

Chestnut Bud Difficulty learning from past experiences.

Chicory Overly possessive and controlling behavior.

Clematis Dreamy and inattentive, lack of focus.

Crab Apple Feelings of uncleanliness and self-disgust.

Elm Overwhelm and temporary feelings of inadequacy.

Gentian Discouragement and despondency after setbacks.

Gorse Hopelessness and despair.

Heather Excessive need for attention and self-centeredness.

Holly Anger, jealousy, and suspicion.

Honeysuckle Living in the past and nostalgia.

Hornbeam Mental and physical fatigue, procrastination.

Impatiens Impatience and irritability.

Larch Lack of self-confidence and fear of failure.

Mimulus Known fears and phobias.

Mustard Deep, unexplained sadness or depression.

Oak Overwork and struggle despite exhaustion.

Olive Physical and mental exhaustion.

Pine Feelings of guilt and self-blame.

Red Chestnut Excessive worry and fear for loved ones.

Rock Rose Intense fear, terror, and panic.

Rock Water Self-restriction and rigid principles.

Scleranthus Indecision and difficulty making choices.

Star of Bethlehem Shock, trauma, and grief.

Sweet Chestnut Extreme mental anguish and despair.

Vervain Over-enthusiasm and intensity.

Vine Domineering and overbearing behavior.

Walnut Protection during life changes and transitions.

Water Violet Isolation and aloofness.

White Chestnut Persistent unwanted thoughts and mental chatter.

Wild Oat Uncertainty about life path and direction.

Wild Rose Resignation, apathy, and lack of interest.

Willow Resentment, bitterness, and self-pity.

Rescue Remedy for emergencies